Dear Volunteers:

On behalf of the Regional Task Force on the Homeless staff and its Board of Directors we’d like to thank you for making WeAllCount 2015 a success.

More than 1,000 of you were up very early Friday morning to count and hundreds more gave of your time to interview our homeless neighbors.

Volunteer deployment center coordinators and assistants prepared for months to ensure their fellow volunteers were met with a cup of coffee and a smile in the wee hours of the morning. Partner organizations offered their facilities, staff, and support.  Generous donors provided hygiene supplies and many more worked behind the scenes to ensure the count was executed smoothly. We are keenly aware that without you this effort would not have been possible.

Every year we are overwhelmed with stories from the field of new perspectives gained and life-changing experiences. This year was no exception. Behind each number and survey, there is a life and a story to be told. Your efforts helped bring these stories to light and will truly make a difference in ending homelessness in our community. Our hope is that our combined efforts will result in the continuation of much needed funding used to sustain and improve programs and services in the San Diego region.

We look forward to sharing the results of WeAllCount 2015 in early spring when we report the results to the federal government. Thank you again for your time, generosity and support.

With Appreciation,

Dolores Diaz
Executive Director