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HMIS Participating Agencies

The Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) is a collaborative, online tool for the real-time management of client and services data entered and maintained by homeless service providers throughout San Diego County. Participating Agencies are those agencies who have agreed to be a part of the “trust network” of homeless service providers utilizing the HMIS according to established policies, procedures, and protocols designed to foster collaboration, enhance service delivery, and safeguard information.

HMIS Trust Network

View the HMIS Trust Network – updated 01/07/2020

Manage Participation Status

Currently renewal of your HMIS participation status cannot be completed through this site. All HMIS license fees are due annually and all current PAs will be contacted via email to renew their status as active HMIS PAs. If you have questions about your HMIS participation status, please contact the HMIS Support team.

Update Agency HMIS Contacts

All HMIS participating agencies are required to identify four staff members who will serve as key contacts for HMIS purposes and liaisons between the Regional Task Force and their agency for all HMIS matters. These roles are described in the HMIS Policies and Procedures as well as in this online form. If you are a participating agency and need to update your HMIS contacts, please do so by completing this online form.

HMIS Policies and Procedures

The guidelines informing the roles and responsibilities of being an HMIS Participating Agency are extensive and may be found in the HMIS Policies and Procedures. If you would like to learn more about how to become an HMIS Participating Agency, please contact the HMIS Support team.

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