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The Resource Library is the primary avenue for accessing the variety of informational resources managed and produced by the RTFH as it delivers services, provides support, and leverages data in support of the mission of ending homelessness in our region.

Coordinated Entry System (CES)

The Coordinated Entry System (CES) coordinates and streamlines the process of finding housing for persons who are homeless with the goal of housing the most vulnerable people first. It matches available types of housing with persons most appropriate for that particular type of housing. It takes a “no wrong door” approach that is client-centered and grounded in information sharing across the region to help house people as quickly as possible. Click on the button below to access additional information about the CES.


Regional Homeless Funding

The CoC is tasked with coordinating and participating in the application for different types of funding for homeless housing and services. Examples of this type of funding include the annual HUD CoC funding, Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) funding, Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSFV), and others as they become available. Click on the button below to access additional information about the current funding opportunities and processes.


Regional Reports

The RTFH is responsible for collecting, tracking, and reporting out on a significant amount of data as it pertains to homelessness in our region. The Reports section of the Resource Library is a repository of a variety of critical data-driven reports informing the work of the CoC. Many of the reports are mandated by funding sources; however, there are also reports such as the Dashboards and System Framework that provide timely and relevant insights into the progress and performance of the CoC in meeting its mission. Click on the button below to view and download reports.


Report/Data Request Form

Requests for client and aggregate data will be submitted to the RTFH utilizing this form. Please provide at least 14 business days advanced notice for all requests. The RTFH will respond to all requests, including estimated time and cost, within three business days from receipt of the request.

Report/Data Request Form   

Document Search

Search our comprehensive database for documents or statistics related to homelessness in San Diego.



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