The Regional Task for on the Homeless (RTFH) has compiled information on the COVID-19 virus that includes guidance, info graphics, toolkits and checklists to help you prepare, respond and recover from the virus.


File Name Source Document Type # of pages Audience Synopsis
County Expansion of Rental Assistance Program SD County Informational 1 All The County is expanding the rental assistance program for people impacted by COVID-19. Click on this link for more information.
Get Us PPE SD County Informational 1 All

Get Us PPE is the largest national organization getting personal protective equipment (PPE such as masks, gloves, and isolation gowns) to frontline workers who need it most. As a nonprofit, they obtain PPE via donations and makers, then deliver it to under-resourced facilities at no cost to them.

They have recently received a generous donation of KN95s and 3-ply masks totaling nearly one million pieces of PPE in the San Diego region! In order to allocate this PPE supply as quickly as possible, they ask that you complete our request form.

Currently, they are distributing masks, but please complete the form based on all of your PPE needs to inform allocation of future donations.


Program-Specific Waivers: CoC and YHDP HUD Informational 9 All On 12/30/2020, HUD issued a memorandum explaining the availability of waivers of certain regulatory requirements associated with several Community Planning and Development (CPD) grant programs to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to facilitate assistance to eligible communities and households economically impacted by COVID-19.                                              This memorandum covers program-specific waivers for the following CPD programs:                          Continuum of Care (CoC)                                          Youth Homelessness Demonstration                        Program (YHDP)
Identification and Testing Flow Chart SD County Flowchart 3 All COVID-19 process flow chart around people who are sheltered or unsheltered.
COVID-19 Waivers: Case File Record Keeping Checklist HUD Checklist 3 All In accordance with 24 CFR 578.103(a), we have established standard operating procedures that
ensure that Continuum of Care program funds are used in accordance with the requirements of
24 CFR 578 and that sufficient records will be maintained to enable HUD to determine whether
we, as a Recipient or Subrecipient, are meeting the requirements of this part.
COVID-19 Waiver Summary HUD Informational 4 All The following chart summarizes the waivers and outlines suggested documentation grantees should maintain when implementing the waivers outlined in the CPD COVID-19 Memorandum dated March 31,
COVID-19 Waiver Suggested Documentation HUD Informational 3 All The following chart outlines suggested documentation grantees should maintain when implementing the waivers outlined in the CPD COVID-19
Memorandum dated March 31, 2020.
Federal Programs that Support Individuals Experiencing Homelessness USICH Informational 25 All Identify forms of federal assistance that can provide additional support to agencies/organizations
addressing the needs of individuals experiencing homelessness during the COVID-19 outbreak.
Project Roomkey FEMA Approval Letter FEMA Informational 3 All Information regarding FEMA reimbursement
Addendum Regarding Face Coverings and Public Parks County of SD Informational 5 All Effective 12:00 AM on Saturday, April 4, all employees who may have contact with the public are required to wear a cloth face covering.
Social Distancing and Sanitation Protocol County of SD Protocol 3 All “Social Distancing and Sanitation Protocol” to be prepared and posted at/near the entrance of any applicable facilities no later than 12:00 AM on Tuesday, April 7th
Shelter Screening Tool Guide Final 4.3.20 County of SD Assessment 1 Shelters “What to do” guide for the Shelter Screening Tool
Shelter Screening Tool Questions Rev Final 4.3.20 County of SD Assessment 1 Shelters Shelter Screening Tool
COVID-19 Emergency Homeless Funding Allocations State of CA List 1 All This provides a list of allocations given by the State of California to different locations
Interim Guidance for Homeless Service Providers to Plan and Respond to COVID-19 CDC Guidance 9 Service Providers This interim guidance is based on what is currently known about Coronavirus Disease 2019 from the CDC for Homeless Service Providers
Mental Health and Coping During COVID-19_CDC CDC Guidance 4 All This is guidance to help with mental well-being as people navigate the stress of COVID-19
CA COVID-19: Calling All Healthy Californians State of CA Guidance 1 All Opportunities for Healthy Californians to be able to help the community.
COVID-19: Essential Services for Encampments During an Infectious Disease Outbreak HUD Informational 2 Encampments/Outreach People living in encampments during public health emergencies, such as the COVID-19 outbreak, need
targeted support to avoid becoming sick and to continue receiving life-sustaining supplies like food and water.
Continuums of Care (CoCs) should confirm the status and contingency plans for outreach services.
COVID-19: Shelter Management During an Infectious Disease Outbreak HUD Informational 2 Shelters Operating congregate homeless shelters during a public health emergency, such as the COVID-19 outbreak,
brings new risks to shelter residents, staff, and volunteers. This document introduces operational
considerations for congregate shelters to consider implementing in
response to an infectious disease outbreak.
COVID-19 Client Triage Tool: Atlanta, GA CoC Example HUD Assessment 2 Shelters/Housing Programs The Atlanta Continuum of Care (CoC) developed a triage-screening tool to assist their shelters and housing programs modify shelter management strategies in light of the emerging COVID-19 concerns. The triage-screening tool focuses on reorganizing the intake workflow to effectively identify symptomatic and asymptomatic people entering congregate sites.
COVID-19: How to Screen Clients Upon Entry to Shelter or Opportunity Centers HUD Guidance 2 Shelters/Housing Programs Guidance regarding client entry screening at shelters and opportunity centers.
15 Days to Slow the Flow 03.16.20 President Informational 2 All Tips to help control the spread of COVID-19 from the Office of the President
COVID Directive to Homeless Service Providers 3/19/20 County of SD Guidance 2 Homeless Service Providers COVID-19 Directive to Homeless Service Providers
2020 Census Coronavirus Updates – SBE/TNSOL delayed RTFH Guidance 1 All Update regarding the delay of SBE/TNSOL
A Letter from County HHSA RE: Temporary Lodging for Persons Requiring Isolation COVID-l9 County of SD Guidance 2 All Guidance from Public Health Services regarding the isolation of COVID 19 patients
California Executive order 3/18/2020 State of CA Executive Order 2 All Executive order from the Governor on March 18 giving HEAP and HHAP funding flexibility to address COVID-19
California Public Health Experts Governor
CA Dept of Public Health Guidance 4 All Provides the current guidance from the California Department of Public Health as of March 11, 2020
Checklist: Get your Organization Ready for Coronavirus Disease 2019
CDC Checklist 2 Community/ Faith Groups Basic Checklist for community and faith organizations to plan and have action steps
COVID-19 Symptoms CDC Infographic 1 All Symptoms of COVID-19
COVID one pager County of Placer CA Infographic 1 All Basics of Coronavirus; Symptoms, How it spreads, Who is at risk, What to do.
County Health Order 3.18.2020 County of San Diego Directive 3 All Public Health Officer order to provide guidance on gatherings, social distancing and other guidance to the community on safety precautions.
COVID Outreach and Shelter Protocols FINAL 3.18.20 County of SD Guidance 10 Shelters/Outreach/Meal Services/Day Centers/Food Pantries This document is to provide guidance to those serving meals and providing services to those
experiencing homelessness. It includes information helpful to disseminate to people
experiencing homelessness.
COVID19 Temporary Lodging Process County of SD Guidance 1 All Guidance regarding the temporary shelter of vulnerable persons
Coronavirus Disease 2019 COVID-19 CSH Informational 3 Supportive Housing Provides guidance to Supportive Housing and Affordable Housing providers with links for additional information.
Coronavirus Infographic (English) County of LA Infographic 1 All Basics of Coronavirus; How it is spread, symptoms and how to protect oneself.
COVID-19 Guidelines CA State of CA Guidance 4 Service Providers This is information for Homeless Service Providers with general guidance, planning and communicating
COVID19 PEH Guidance FINAL 03.06.2020 Public Health for San Francisco Guidance 6 Service Providers Guidance for both those experiencing homelessness and homeless service providers on steps to take to keep individuals and facilities protected
COVID-19_Poster County of SD Infographic 1 All Informational poster regarding COVID-19
COVID-19_Poster SPANISH County of SD Infographic 1 All Informational poster regarding COVID-19 (Spanish)
COVID-19_Postcard County of SD Infographic 1 All Informational postcard regarding COVID-19
COVID-19_postcard SPANISH County of SD Infographic 1 All Informational postcard regarding COVID-19 (Spanish)
Flyers on COVID-19 in Different Languages County of SD Informational 2 All Provides links for posters in various languages and other important resources from the County of San Diego
Frequently Asked Questions…COVID-19 and Pregnancy CDC Informational 2 All Provides information on common concerns and questions with respect to COVID-19 and Pregnancy
CERC Infectious Disease CDC Guidance 1 All Crisis Emergency Risk Communication (CERC) is a guide for managing an Infectious Disease Outbreak
Governor Executive order COVID 19
State of CA Executive Order 5 All This is the Executive Order issued on March 12, 2020 from the California State Governor regarding actions at the State level to support responding to COVID-19.
Guidance Congregate Living (English) County of LA Guidance 3 Shelters/ Living Facilities Guidance for Congregate Living Facilities for both people and facility management with links for additional information.
COVID-19 Guidance for Homeless Shelters New York City Guidance 12 Shelters Detailed guidance provided to shelters to include social distancing, isolation and caregiver support
Law Enforcement Guidance CDC Guidance 1 Law Enforcement Basic guide for law enforcement covering protection from exposure, recommended PPE and managing close contact during apprehension
Health Officer Order COVID-19 Public Health for San Diego Directive 5 All This is an amendment to the Public Health Order from March 12 updated as of March 17. This provides directives on a variety of situations.
Home Isolation Guidance for PSH Seattle & King County Guidance 4 Supportive Housing This provides guidance for PSH units who have individuals or families that need to be isolated.
Housing is the Next Step to Mitigating Coronavirus NLCHP Informational 3 All The National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty guidance on the importance of housing in the fighting the spread of COVID-19
HUD Webinar Slides HUD PowerPoint 42 Service Providers These are the slides from the March 10 Webinar.  The link to the video can be found in the document “Webpages in response to COVID 19”
Iain Guidance for Outreach COVID-19 Iain De Jong Informational 2 Outreach Iain De Jong is the leading expert on Homeless Outreach.  He provides guidance and things to consider based on his experiences in similar situations.
Infectious Disease Toolkit for COCs…Encampments HUD Toolkit 21 Outreach/ Encampments Detailed guidance for CoCs covering role of the CoC, Role of Street Outreach and creating encampment sanitation guidelines
Infectious Disease Toolkit for COCs…People Experiencing Homelessness HUD Toolkit 35 CoC / Service Providers Detailed guidance for CoCs covering Preparation, Mitigation and Response when there is an Infectious Disease Outbreak
Infectious Disease Toolkit for COCs…Shelters HUD Toolkit 25 Shelters Detailed guidance for CoCs and frontline shelter staff with sample checklists
Infographic: CDC Response  CDC Infographic 1 All Provides basic information about the role of the CDC in responding to COVID-19
Infographic Symptoms CDC Infographic 1 All Provides basic information on symptoms of COVID-19
Interim Guidance for Homeless Shelters CDC Guidance 6 Shelters Guidance on planning, communicating, action steps and follow-up for shelters with links for additional information
Interim Guidance for US Community Facilities with Suspected/Confirmed Coronavirus Disease 2019 CDC Guidance 3 Community Facilities This guidance provides recommendations on the cleaning and disinfection of rooms or areas of those with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 have visited to limit the survival of the disease.  This is for community, non-healthcare facilities.
Interim Guidance: Get Your Community and Faith-Based Organizations Ready… CDC Guidance 6 Community/ Faith Groups Guidance on planning, communicating, action steps and follow-up for Community and Faith Organizations with links for additional information
Interim Guidance for Homeless Service Providers to Plan and Respond-to COVID-19 CDC Guidance 9 Shelters Guidance on planning, communicating, action steps and follow-up for shelters with links for additional information (This is the same information as in the CDC Interim Guidance for Homeless Shelters.  It is just formatted differently)
Mayoral Executive Order_COVID-19 City of San Diego Executive Order 3 All This is the executive order from the Mayor of San Diego as of March 16 on activities in the City of San Diego and is in effect until March 31
Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) 3.17.20 County of SD Informational 20 All General information from the county about the current coronavirus situation
Questions to Assist CoCs and Public Health to Limit the Spread of Infectious Disease in Homeless Programs HUD TA Questions 2 CoC/Public Health These questions are designed to assist in a guided discussion for CoCs and Public Health Officials to limit the spread of infectious disease
Quick Guide CDBG Infectious Disease Response
HUD Guidance 2 CDBG Recipients This is a guide for a range of eligible activities that prevent and respond to the spread of infectious diseases such as the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) using Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds.
San Diego Hunger Coalition – Food Resources in COVID-19 Hunger Coalition Informational 6 All This is an access guide for food resources in San Diego.
Sanctioned Homeless Encampments checklists Seattle & King County Checklist 20 Outreach/ Encampments Provided detailed checklists on a wide range of topics connected to encampments but with applicability for unsheltered populations.
Sanitation and Hygiene Assessment Tool Seattle & King County Checklist 1 Service Providers Specific one page checklist to cover sanitation and hygiene for shelters, day centers, villages and encampments
SD Contact to TB Referral Procedure_HMIS Flag-Alert County of San Diego Workflow 3 Public Health This was a workflow developed to flag records in HMIS of individuals who needed to contact SD Public Health due to a possible exposure to TB.  This is being modified to have a workflow for flagging those exposed/at risk of COVID-19
SD Questions for San Diego TB Response Adaptation to COVID-19 DJM RTFH Questions 1 CoC/Public Health This provides prompting questions for PH and RTFH HMIS with general questions to consider.
Share Facts CDC Infographic 1 All Basic fact sheet on COVID-19
Tier One COVID Response Assessment for Encampments Seattle & King County Assessment 4 Outreach/ Encampments This is an assessment for those gathering information on encampments
Tier One COVID Response Assessment for PSH Seattle & King County Assessment 4 Supportive Housing This is an assessment for those gathering information on Permanent Supportive Housing locations
Tier One COVID Response Assessment for Shelter Seattle & King County Assessment 6 Shelters This is an assessment for those gathering information on shelters
VEMEC Disaster Preparedess VA Informational 3 All This is the VA guidance on how to prepare, respond and recover when handling emergencies.  It addresses three areas; Emergency Management System, Homeless Service Providers and Health Care Providers
Webpages in Response to COVID-19 RTFH Informational 1 All List of commonly referenced webpages

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