About WeALLCount

What Is WeALLCount?

  1. A count of ‘Unsheltered’ (on the street, vehicle, hand-built structure)
  2. A count of ‘Sheltered’ (shelters and transitional housing)
  3. An in-depth, personal interview  of unsheltered persons
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  • Unsheltered Count: Friday Jan 29, 2016 (4:00 AM-7:00 AM)
  • Sheltered Count: Same time – Completed with service/shelter providers
  • Interview/Survey: Jan 29, 2016-Feb 5, 2016 (various dates and times)


  • The project is mandated for all communities (but unfunded) by HUD
  • Counts take place across the country at the end of January
  • We partner with the Regional Continuum of Care Council (RCCC) and its affiliated agencies

Why We Count

  • People.  Because there are thousands of individuals and families who experience homelessness annually in our County
  • Funding.  Results leads to millions in funds for local agencies
  • Understanding.  WeALLCount data leads to targeted services
  • Knowledge.  To provide agencies with important data on our homeless population – critical for federal and state grant applications
  • Action.  Awareness of the scope and the details of the problem provide the knowledge needed to act
  • Results. Ending homelessness benefits EVERYONE

Interested in volunteering? Register at: rtfh.volunteerhub.com

Questions?  Contact:

Megan Black
Project Coordinator
E-mail: megan.black@rtfhsd.org
Phone: (858) 292-7627 ext. 22


Kelsey Kaline
Project Coordinator
E-mail: kelsey.kaline@rtfhsd.org
Phone: (858) 292-7627 ext. 18