Hello HMIS Users,

HUD released the FY 2020 HMIS Data Standards in October 2019. Included in these most recent data standards updates were some new data elements that directly impact the Coordinated Entry workflow. Our Coordinated Entry System is continually progressing and evolving in order to best suit the needs of our community. With these most recent changes required by HUD it was necessary to reshape the way our community currently completes the Coordinated Entry workflow in Clarity.


On April 1, 2020 we will be launching a new Coordinated Entry workflow in Clarity. We have recorded a 2020 Coordinated Entry Updates Webinar in order to introduce these new elements, and walk the community through what these changes will look like in Clarity. Please make sure to watch the webinar by going to the link provided below. After watching the Webinar, please make sure to complete the corresponding 2020 Coordinated Entry Updates Quiz. The 2020 Coordinated Entry Updates Webinar and the 2020 Coordinated Entry Updates Quiz are required for all existing users to retain access to CES. All new HMIS users will need to complete the HMIS New User Training and CES Workflow in Clarity Training. Please note that due to current community circumstances, in-person trainings may be postponed. We will be working on a way to provide these training online in the near future.


The changes that this webinar covers are required to be implemented on April 1, 2020. Starting April 1, 2020 please make sure that you enroll the clients you are working with towards housing, into the CES project. We will be using the data you enter into the CES project to inform our By Name Pool, where we pull our most vulnerable clients to be discussed at case conferencing. We thank you for the commitment you make in helping people move into housing. It’s the connections you make, the rapport you build that support our fellow San Diegans in building the relationships and support network they need to sustain their success in moving towards housing. It’s important to remember that, while we use tools like CES, it is the work you do every day with our clients that ultimately get them housed. Systems don’t house people, people house people.

Please follow the links below to complete the New CES training requirements:
Webinar: 2020 Coordinated Entry Updates Webinar Link
Quiz: 2020 Coordinated Entry Updates Quiz Link

Thank you,
RTFH Team.

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