RTFH Statement on the Supreme Court’s Ruling in City of Grants Pass, Oregon v. Johnson

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About the RTFH CEO

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Regional Task Force on Homelessness, Tamera Kohler.

Recapping the 2023 RTFH Conference on Homelessness

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New Reports to Better Understand Entries to and Exits from Homelessness

To provide the San Diego region with a better understanding of the homelessness crisis, the RTFH has begun publishing a new report that highlights how many people enter and exit homelessness each month throughout San Diego County.

RTFH’s data team has compiled this first-of-its-kind monthly data report with the help of homeless service providers from across the region. This initial release of data is broken down over the past 12 months. Moving forward, RTFH will update these statistics each month. On average, over the last 12 months, 10 people found housing for every 16 people who experienced homelessness for the first time.

Please click on the button below to view the most recent report, or you can find past monthly reports on this page of the website.

Regional Community Action Plan to Prevent and End Homelessness in San Diego

The Regional Task Force on Homelessness unveiled its first-ever Regional Community Action Plan to Prevent and End Homelessness in San Diego (aka the “Regional Plan”) through a housing-focused, equity-driven, and person-centered system of care. The new plan sets forth a shared vision, identifies system and resource gaps, and promotes evidence-based approaches with the goal of ending homelessness in the next five years in our region. This “Plan of Plans” incorporates federal, state and local plans to streamline the San Diego region’s needs and create implementable solutions.

Continuum of Care San Diego City and County Action Plan: Addressing Homelessness Among Black San Diegans

This document represents the hard work that members of the Ad Hoc Committee to Address Homelessness Among Black San Diegans have invested over the last year to fully understand the racial disparities that impact our homelessness system.

Effective Messaging Strategies for Housing as a Solution to Homelessness

Compared to many other US cities that implemented successful evidence-based interventions to homelessness, the concept of adopting “Housing First” models has been comparatively less well received in the San Diego region despite the foundational role it plays in the region’s homeless service system. Over the past year, Funders Together to End Homelessness San Diego (FTEHSD) led a multi-faceted research campaign to determine which messaging is most effective in ensuring that San Diegans consider housing as a solution to homelessness. Read more about this campaign and its findings below.

Statement on Racial Inequality and Action

The Regional Task Force on Homelessness stands in solidarity with our member organizations and community members in condemning the violence and injustice perpetrated against Black Americans.

Homelessness disproportionately affects people of color in the San Diego region and reflects the economic and racial divides that persist in this country. The RTFH is committed to addressing racial inequality and amplifying the perspectives of people of color with lived experience in our work, communication, and organizational decision-making.

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