See below for a breakdown of important details related to HMIS user licenses as the community prepares to migrate software applications from ServicePoint to Clarity. Click on an item in the list below to jump to information on that topic.

Plan for Migrating User Licenses from ServicePoint to Clarity

  • All users who have a currently active license in ServicePoint (active users are defined by those who have logged in within the last 6 months) will be migrated to Clarity. No user will be able to access their Clarity accounts until they attend a Clarity training session.
  • Additional users new to HMIS/not licensed in ServicePoint will be licensed as well as long as they attend a Clarity User Training session.
    • Status as Agency Administrator is not defined based on ServicePoint access level but rather whether an individual was listed as “Agency Administrator” when the agency last updated its four HMIS points-of-contact and fulfills the responsibilities associated with that role. Review the four HMIS points-of-contact that are required from all HMIS participating agencies (including the responsibilities each role is expected to fulfill) and update your agency’s contacts here:
    • HMIS Agency Administrators also likely have a ServicePoint access level of “Agency Admin”, but not all users with “Agency Admin” access levels in ServicePoint will be granted a Manager license in Clarity. Only the one agency staff member that serves as the primary HMIS Agency Administrator will be granted a Manager license by default in Clarity unless the Agency Administrator requests that additional staff members are granted Manager licenses.Each Agency will be given 1 Manager license assigned to their primary HMIS Agency Administrator (assuming that person had an active ServicePoint license).
    • If you are the Agency Administrator for your agency and believe additional staff members other than yourself will need access to a Clarity Manager license, please review the information below about license functionality and pricing to determine whether an additional Manager license is necessary. If you determine that an additional license is necessary, request one by emailing

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Overview of Licenses in Clarity

There are two levels of licenses available in Clarity. The license level does not dictate your ability to access projects or serve clients.

(1) Enterprise/User License:

  • This is the standard Clarity user license which most San Diego users will be given.
  • Users with Enterprise licenses can access the system, enter data and run canned reports (such as the APR).

(2) Manager License:

  • This is a more advanced license which includes all functionalities available with the Enterprise/User license, as well as a number of other functionalities:
    • The ability to manage your agency’s programs and staff in Clarity
    • Access to Clarity’s integrated data analysis tool, Looker (a Manager license is required in order to access Looker)

The data analysis tool is an extra feature that some may find useful for identifying trends in data. It is not a necessary piece for all staff who run reports to have on launch. All compliance reports are available to users without the need for the data analysis tool.

Per the vendor’s advice, every agency should have at least 1 Manager license. By default each agency will have 1 Manager license, that will be assigned to their primary agency administrator. If your agency wants to procure more than one manager license for other staff members, you may, however additional manager licenses will not receive the same discount that the first manager license for each agency will for the first year of Clarity use (see pricing section below for more details).

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Initial User Setup Fee

This is the fee for setting up a brand new license. This is a one-time fee and is based on license type. The initial setup does not grant any period of access, but rather makes the license available to then be assigned and used. Annual access is a separate cost.

  • 1/4/2019 – 3/1/2019: Setup fee waived for both Enterprise and Manager licenses. 
    • RTFH is covering the initial setup fee for all users who are licensed in Clarity as of March 1st, 2019. This is in an effort to facilitate the transition of current HMIS users to Clarity, but is not limited to only users who were trained in ServicePoint. Any user (whether they formerly had access to ServicePoint or are new to HMIS entirely) that attends a Clarity training session prior to March 1st, 2019 will have their user setup fee covered by RTFH.
  • 3/1/2019 – future: 
    • Initial setup fee for new Enterprise licenses added after 3/1/2019 : $175/user (one-time fee).
    • Initial setup fee for new Manager license added after 3/1/2019: $250/user (one-time fee).

Annual Access Subscription Fee

This is the cost of having an ongoing Clarity license and is invoiced when a new license is first added and then again annually starting with the beginning of the next billing cycle and repeating every year that the license is active. This is your access fee to log into the system and enter data, pull reports, etc…

    • 1/4/2019 – 3/1/2019 (for all users licensed as of 3/1/2019): Clarity annual access subscription fees for both license types will be priced according to ServicePoint rates.
      • Enterprise user license annual access subscription fee: $200/user
      • Manager user license annual access subscription fee for one license per agency (by default each agency will have one manager license assigned to main HMIS agency administrator): $350 /user 
      • Additional manager licenses beyond one default assigned to main HMIS agency administrator: $660/user
    • 3/1/2019 – future: For any license added after 3/1/2019, licenses will be priced according to BitFocus rates. When licenses are renewed at the start of the next billing cycle (1/4/2020), all will be priced according to BitFocus rates.
      • Enterprise user license annual access subscription fee: $300/user
      • Manager user license annual access subscription fee: $660 /user

  • Data Quality Incentives: While the reduced prices for the initial group of Clarity user licenses the community will use will only be in effect for the first year that San Diego uses Clarity, in future years RTFH plans to offer data quality incentives to providers by offering reduced rates on license annual subscription fees based on meeting certain data quality thresholds. More information on specific standards and prices will be made available when it is finalized.

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Invoicing Schedule

ServicePoint Licenses

While billing information was finalized for the transition to Clarity, new invoices for additional ServicePoint licenses added in recent months has been delayed. Now that billing details have been confirmed, providers should expect to receive invoices for new ServicePoint licenses (new meaning additional licenses above and beyond the number of licenses paid for at the start of the last billing cycle) that were added between the last time you were invoiced and the end of this billing cycle (10/31/2018).

All users’ access to ServicePoint will end January 1st, 2019, unless you need additional access and inform RTFH of that need. Providers who need access to ServicePoint past January 1st, 2019 will be invoiced for the cost of the licenses needed for the number of months they retain access. Our contract with the current vendor ends on March 31st, 2019 and no user will have access to ServicePoint past that date. If you know you will need access to ServicePoint past January 1st, 2019, please email to inform the HMIS Team as soon as possible. Your license will be removed if we do not hear from you before the end date for ServicePoint use at 11:59 pm on 12/22/2018.

Clarity Licenses

Providers will be contacted to confirm their list of users for Clarity prior to invoices being sent out for the 2018/2019 billing cycle. While transition to Clarity has delayed the invoicing schedule, formal billing cycle dates for HMIS licenses will still be the first of November through the 31st of October of the following year (so the current billing cycle is 11/1/2018 – 10/31/2019). While only users who have completed training will be given access to a Clarity license on the go-live date of 1/4/2019, providers will be able to include users beyond that in their estimated license allotment for this billing cycle and all users that licenses are purchased for will be able to gain access once they have completed training.

For this billing cycle, licenses will still be billed annually with the annual fee being paid for the group of licenses a provider will need at the beginning of the cycle (or in this case, a few months into it) based on their forecasted needs. However, providers can still add licenses at any time after this initial round of invoices is closed out. Any licenses added after the start of the billing cycle will be included in invoice updates within a few months of the request to add a new user. Additional licenses purchased after the start of the billing cycle will be priced according to the guidance listed above for user setup fees and annual subscription fees.

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