Hello HMIS users,

In order to strengthen our region’s capability to respond quickly to the possible spread of COVID-19 within San Diego’s homeless population we have made additional data fields available to all lodging programs within HMIS.Starting today, March 12th, you will see three additional data fields in enrollments and status updates for lodging programs within HMIS.

  1. Bed number
  2. Unit number
  3. Floor number
These questions are “soft required” meaning that if you navigate to a client’s enrollment or status update screen in a lodging project and attempt to save data, you will be reminded to fill in this information.Lodging projects are the following program types.

Sheltered Situation lodging projects:

  • Emergency Shelter
  • Transitional Housing
  • Safe Haven
Permanent Housing lodging projects:
  • PSH – Permanent Supportive Housing (disability required)
  • PHws – Permanent Housing with Services (no disability required)
  • PH-only – Permanent Housing only (no services)
  • PH-RRH – Rapid Rehousing
Thank you for your continued support of those experiencing homeless in the San Diego County region.Please keep an eye out for further updates as they are made available.


Are You Homeless?

DIAL 2-1-1

If you need immediate assistance, please visit this website or call 2-1-1 for information on resources and services near you.

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