Hello HMIS users,

Since the launch of the new MultiParty Authorization (MPA) today we have gotten a number of great questions.

To help make it easier to answer those questions and deliver to you the most pertinent information, we have created a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page on the HMIS portion of our website specifically for the new MPA.

Please find the FAQ for the New MPA here:

Alternatively, you may copy/paste this URL into your browser:

For some examples of what sort of questions you can find answered on the FAQ, please see below:

  • New MPA? What’s that?
  • When should we start using the new MPA?
  • Where can I find the new MPA?
  • How can my client revoke their new MPA?
  • If my client doesn’t have a new MPA, should I stop working with them until they do?
  • I can’t have clients sign electronically anymore, what’s happening? Is this a bug?

The answers to all of these and more can be found at the link above.

Thank you!

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