The Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) provides homeless service providers throughout San Diego County with a regional collaborative approach to data collection and client management. Our HMIS is managed through “ServicePoint” (by Bowman Systems), a web-based application empowering human services providers, agencies, coalitions, and communities to manage real-time client and services data. The RTFH supports users with help desk, ongoing training, and customization. For more information, please contact us.

Benefits to Using ServicePoint:

  • Uses a single client record for all programs
  • Can track housing, services, case notes and activities
  • Set up to be compliant with a variety of federal funding sources(HUD, HHS, VA) as well as having customizability for local and private funding sources
  • Currently used by the majority(70%) of COC’s in the United States as the HMIS system
  • Web-based software that is accessible anywhere and can be used on tablets
  • Reporting capability for data quality, program management/improvement and outcomes for funders
  • Various modules available to expand capability as agency needs change