The Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) provides homeless service providers throughout San Diego County with a regional collaborative approach to data collection and client management. Our HMIS is managed through “ServicePoint” (by Bowman Systems), a web-based application empowering human services providers, agencies, coalitions, and communities to manage real-time client and services data. The RTFH supports users with help desk, ongoing training, and customization. For more information, please contact us.

ServicePoint features:

  • Combines the ease of the internet and the performance of a powerful database
  • Protecting client confidentiality by carefully restricting access
  • Robust client and referral tracking, case management, agency and program indexing
  • An advanced reporting tool to understand and use key data
  • Facilitating the secure sharing of data providers to help providers to effectively and efficiently perform client case management
  • Data is accessible to all participating homeless service agencies
  • User-friendly, requiring a minimum learning curve for data entry and generation of reports
  • Program and agency-wide reports are easily produced by agencies
  • Providers can record detailed client profiles, assessments, referrals, history, and outcomes

Benefits to Participating Agencies:

  • Increased ability to prepare statistical and programmatic reports for funders, boards and other stakeholders
  • Saves staff time needed to gather client data, formulate statistics and complete funding reports
  • Increased ability to track client outcomes and measure the success of services provided
  • Increased ability to work collaboratively and to cooperate with other agencies to achieve meaningful results
  • Significantly improves efficiency in delivering and managing services, resulting in tangible cost savings
  • Resource savings which would otherwise be incurred if service provider had to create a system on their own