Flexible Housing Pool

In San Diego County, one of the primary challenges to addressing homelessness is the lack of available rental units in the community for people to access. Because of this, the Regional Task Force on the Homeless along with partners including the County of San Diego, and Funders Together to End Homelessness San Diego (FTEHSD), created the regional Flexible Housing Pool (FHP) to use flexible funds to help provide streamlined access to rental units and ensure ongoing housing stability.

FHP’s are an innovative model that have successfully been implemented in other communities across the country including Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago, IL. Key components of the San Diego FHP include:

  • Centralized landlord engagement efforts under a single entity
  • Dedicated staff members focused on partnering with community-based landlords and securing available units in the private rental market
  • Flexible funds to create a pool of real-time available units in the community for homeless households to access
  • Funds to pay for needed housing expenses including application fees, deposits, utility arrears, and furniture and other household goods.
  • Collaboration with existing programs that offer both rental assistance and housing-based case management and supportive services
  • Dedicated staff members to provide housing tenancy services and coordinate with the landlord, the supportive services program, and the participant to ensure ongoing housing stability

San Diego FHP partners selected Brilliant Corners, a nationally recognized non-profit known for their administration of the LA County Flexible Housing Subsidy Pool, to operate the FHP in San Diego. In the first year the FHP is focused on acquiring at least 140 private market units for homeless Veterans, youth, and families with the hope of scaling the FHP in year two and expanding to more populations in need. In addition to the RTFH, County of San Diego, and FTEHSD, the City of Carlsbad is also a new funder and partner in the FHP. To learn more about the FHP please email Kris.Kuntz@rtfhsd.org.

Request for Proposals (RFP) for: Centralized Flexible Housing Pool Coordination and Housing Location Technology Platform

RTFH and community partners (referred to as Partnering Agencies) are issuing this Request for Proposals (RFP) process to solicit proposals for a Contract with one or more organizations that can provide an array of services and activities that collectively perform the function of regional housing coordination and/or provide a housing location technology platform through use of a Flexible Housing Pool (FHP). Functions of regional housing coordination include increasing the efficiency of housing identification and placement, centralizing housing coordination regionally to one entity, applying service delivery best practices such as Housing First and aligning coordination efforts between available housing units and service providers. The contracted entity will utilize a web-based housing location technology software to process, collect, store, and leverage data in order to expedite the process of housing coordination.

Partnering Agencies seek an organization, or organizations, that can perform a range of housing-related functions and has the demonstrated ability to collaborate with support service providers, property owners, and public agencies. This is a pioneering approach to supportive housing that: a) requires a systemic approach with collective impact to achieve scale, and b) recognizes that current sources of rental subsidies are inadequate to meet the need.

The FHP will to operate throughout San Diego County as part of a 2019 and 2020 Work Plan. The FHP is intended to cover the entire County of San Diego, including all 18 cities and the unincorporated areas.  The San Diego Regionally Centralized FHP will launch with an estimated initial pool of approximately $1.8 million in committed funding from the RTFH. Partnering Agencies are also in negotiation to secure multiple flexible funding sources to support implementation as well as long-term sustainability. Additional committed funds and resources are expected upon official launch of the FHP by the end of 2020.



ADDENDUM DATE 3/15/2020 – Centralized Flexible Housing Pool Coordination and Housing Location Technology Platform

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