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2019 WeAllCount Results

The San Diego Point-in-Time Count, known as “We All Count” began at 4 AM on the morning of January 25th, with more than 1500 volunteers and outreach workers across San Diego County focused on engaging and surveying those experiencing homelessness. This effort identified 8,102 individuals ( 3,626 sheltered and 4,476 unsheltered) in our County. This count included changes in the methodology to meet HUD requirements following new guidance and clear directive that we must count people experiencing homelessness not vehicles or structures.

This updated methodology and outreach lead engagement was focused on our homeless individuals that spent the night in conditions that are considered unsheltered. These can be park benches, sidewalks, tent and vehicles. These efforts focused on gathering real time information through a survey from people where we engaged them as opposed to previous years when an extrapolation method was used.

Homelessness is a complicated and complex issue and these efforts to collect information directly from those experiencing homelessness will provide real actionable information needed to understand how to better set polices, direct funding and inform the public. This effort involved engaging people in tents and those who are homeless in vehicles this year instead of just counting vehicles and tents. This specific change impacts our count more than any other change in methodology. In the past we counted vehicles/tents and made an assumption that we had 2 people in every car. This year we included in the count the number of people sleeping in vehicles or tents that we engaged or visibly saw. This change in engagement was very different from previous years and new to many. We expect that in next year’s count this engagement will improve.

2019 WeAllCount Fact Sheet

2019 WeAllCount Press Conference Schedule

News Release: 2019 WeAllCount Results

For more information on the national PITC, click here.


WeAllCount is truly a regional effort. There are a number of roles that must be filled in order to successfully conduct and complete this required activity.

Engaged Counters – Engaged counters literally walk the streets to survey the homeless they see. Counters self-select a census tract area to survey and are deployed in teams lead by a professional outreach worker from a specific count site during the morning of WeAllCount. For more detailed information, download flyer.

Shelter Interviewers – Shelter interviewers will interview homeless individuals who slept unsheltered during the night of WeAllCount in different shelters around the region. For more detailed information, download flyer.

Communications – Spreading the word about WeAllCount is critical. It is how we find volunteers to help conduct the count as well as alert homeless persons to the event as well.

Donations – The PITC is an unfunded federal mandate and requires a significant amount of resources to complete. If you are unable to physically participate in one of the roles above, or would like to help in addition to volunteering, please consider making a donation to support this important regional effort. To make a donation, click here.

Data Requests – Most of the data from the WeAllCount is published in the online reports. If you have a specific question about methodology or subpopulation please email


Engaged Counter Training – View the YouTube Video

Additional Training – Community members interested in learning more about the changes to this year’s count can sign up for an online webinar here.

Coordinator Training – Coordinator training is not open to the public. To learn more please email or call the PITC extension at 858-292-7627 ext 38

Survey Tools

These sample surveys are for interview volunteers’ reference and practice only.  Do not use these sample tools to conduct actual surveys.  All materials will be provided to you at your designated interview site. Interviewers must attend ONE in-person OR live webinar training session.

Sample Unsheltered Survey

Sample Observational Survey

2018 WeAllCount Reports

  • Tony Rodriguez, star of Tony The Movie, shows what it’s like to be a part of #WeAllCount by participating as a counter and being interviewed as a homeless individual. #WeAllCount


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