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WeAllCount is the San Diego name for the federally mandated annual census of homeless persons known as the Point-in-Time-Count (PITC). The PITC is meant to be a one-day snapshot of persons living either on the streets or in short-term shelters. The PITC is usually conducted during the last week of January each year. The information is used at both the national and local levels to help inform discussions and decision-making around homeless issues, funding, and the design of a system of care that best serves the most vulnerable people while maximizing limited resources.

For more information on the national PITC, click here.


WeAllCount is truly a regional effort. There are a number of roles that must be filled in order to successfully conduct and complete this required activity.

Counters – Counters literally walk the streets to count the homeless they see. Counters self-select a census tract area to survey and are deployed in teams from a specific count site during the morning of WeAllCount. For more detailed information, download flyer.

Interviewers – Interviewers get more involved in the counting process by conducting guided surveys of homeless persons willing to tell their story. Interviewers will self-select an interview site and work in teams to conduct these in-person surveys to as many homeless individuals and families as time permits. For more detailed information, download flyer.

Coordinators – There are two different kinds of Coordinators: those who supervise the sites where the Counters work out of, and those who oversee the Interviewing sites. For more detailed information on the role and responsibilities of Coordinators, download flyer.

  • Count Site Coordinators manage Count Sites and check-in volunteers during the morning of the Count. Coordinators distribute materials and assign routes for volunteers. At the end of the Count, Coordinators ensure all counting materials are completed and collected.
  • Interview Site Coordinators oversee volunteers who will be conducting interviews during the interview period, which usually extends over several days. Each interview site will have a unique interviewing schedule and number of volunteers based on availability and size of facilities.

Communications – Spreading the word about WeAllCount is critical. It is how we find volunteers to help conduct the count as well as alert homeless persons to the event as well. To download informational flyers for volunteers, download flyer.

  • If you are a media outlet and would like more information in order to help us spread the word, please email or call the PITC extension at 858-292-7627 ext 38.

Donations – The PITC is an unfunded federal mandate and requires a significant amount of resources to complete. If you are unable to physically participate in one of the roles above, or would like to help in addition to volunteering, please consider making a donation to support this important regional effort. To make a donation, click here.

Data Requests – Most of the data from the WeAllCount is published in the online reports. If you have a specific question about methodology or subpopulation please email


Download the WeAllCount Volunteer FAQ


Counter Training – View the YouTube Video

Interviewer Training Click here for a list of all available interview training

Coordinator Training – Coordinator training is not open to the public. To learn more please email or call the PITC extension at 858-292-7627 ext 38

Survey Tools

These sample surveys are for interview volunteers’ reference and practice only.  Do not use these sample tools to conduct actual surveys.  All materials will be provided to you at your designated interview site. Interviewers must attend ONE in-person OR live webinar training session.

Sample Unsheltered Survey

Sample Youth Count Survey


  • Tony Rodriguez, star of Tony The Movie, shows what it’s like to be a part of #WeAllCount by participating as a counter and being interviewed as a homeless individual. #WeAllCount


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