The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) requires local Continuum of Care (CoC) areas to review and rank-order applications to be submitted to HUD under the annual CoC Competitive Notice of Funding availability (NOFA).

The project ranked order is developed from a variety of factors such as the project raw score from the application scorecard (generated by Simtech in 2019), HUD and local priorities, and compliance with local and HUD quality project review guidelines. The process relies heavily on objective data, demonstrated capacity, measured performance, and alignment with local priorities.   Project threshold review and points scoring reflect differences in project and application types.  Detail about criteria and points values are contained in a single file containing spreadsheets for each project type.  Please see the Local Competition Public Announcement – Scoring Criteria, Points and  Ranking Protocols. **Note: The New Project Scoring Sheet included in this document can be difficult to open. For your convenience, a separate copy of the New Project Scoring tool is provided here (click to download the Excel file).

Basic strategies and protocols for rank-ordering projects within the two tiers are also required by HUD.  The document, Ranking Strategies and Protocols outlines this process.

Although not required by HUD, the local process includes the opportunity for appeal. Please refer to the Notice of Appeal.

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