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Coordinated Entry System


If someone is homeless and in need of a permanent place to call home, an assessment is the first step. The assessment can be completed at any number of assessment sites located throughout the county. To find the closest assessment site, click here. Please note that each assessment site operates at different times and serves different populations, such as families, veterans, youth, women, etc. Please go to an assessment site that is best able to serve a particular population.

The assessment is conducted using a nationally recognized common assessment tool that seeks to determine the current situation and needs of the individual being assessed. Based on the answers to the questions, the tool is designed to help providers match each individual with the most appropriate housing solution depending on their particular circumstances. The tool helps to inform local decisions to meet the demand for housing by prioritizing three things:

  • Level of need
  • Score on the assessment
  • Availability of housing resources

After the assessment, the individual may be assigned to a Housing Navigator, based on need, scores, priorities, and staff caseload.

  • The Coordinated Entry System (CES) is not an emergency solution. If someone needs immediate shelter, please call 2-1-1 for assistance.
  • Completing an assessment is not a guarantee of housing.
  • Make sure that the staff completing the assessment has all necessary contact information so that CES staff may easily reach the persons who have been assessed.
  • While waiting to be assigned a Housing Navigator, it is helpful to start collecting all the documentation (CA ID, SS card, Birth Certificate if applicable, DD214 if applicable) that will be necessary to complete the housing process.

Additional Resources

CES Policies and Procedures

CES User Resources

All training videos and materials, forms, and workflows are only accessible by parties who have been or need to be trained in navigating the CES with clients and within ServicePoint. You may view the HUD CES 101 brief Presentation for a general overview.


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