Coordinated Entry System (CES)

The Coordinated Entry System (CES) is an efficient network of care, helping individuals and families resolve their housing crises by accessing valuable resources in an equitable, person-centered, and transparent manner.

About CES

The Coordinated Entry System (CES) is a list of all of the people in the region experiencing homelessness, prioritized by community standards, to be referred to available housing inventory. CES is a process of community collaboration where service providers utilize creative strategies to help meet people’s needs. The Coordinated Entry System is embedded in the work that direct service providers offer at access points throughout the community. This can include homeless dedicated sites that offer emergency shelter, meals, laundry services, day centers, and support.

Individuals and families experiencing a housing crisis should contact 2-1-1 or connect with a homeless outreach worker to explore their housing options. Throughout ongoing interactions with a homeless dedicated service providers, information about needs and vulnerabilities will be gathered to see if CES is an appropriate fit to support the individual/ family in resolving their homelessness.

The Coordinated Entry System is a HUD mandated process that standardizes the steps of moving towards housing. The RTFH works as a third-party entity to make unbiased referrals to housing resources in an equitable way. The process of prioritizing who will be served is informed by the CES Policies and Procedures.

Additional Resources

CES Policies and Procedures

CES User Resources

All training videos and materials, forms, and workflows are only accessible by parties who have been or need to be trained in navigating the CES with clients and within Clarity. You may view the HUD CES 101 Brief Presentation for a general overview.

Latest CES Documents

2019 CES FAQ’s


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Are You Homeless?

DIAL 2-1-1

If you need immediate assistance, please call 2-1-1 for information on resources and services near you.

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